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Category archives: Procurement and Supply Chain Recruitment

Supply Chain Directors: Are you R.E.A.D.Y?

During the last 10 years I have met with and interviewed the smartest Supply Chain leaders in the industry. Over that time I have witnessed huge changes in their priorities and objectives.

Previously fixing prices and implementing steadfast stability were essential - now there is a different expectation from above - agility.

In a recent report the ...

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Spot the Future Supply Chain Leader in your Team


Good leaders who are equipped to navigate the challenges that the modern world has to offer are rare.

But how do you spot the future leader?

It’s not always necessarily the best technical individual or most profitable commercial performer…….promoting these type of individuals to lead often causes disaster - it is easy to end ...

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The Perils of HR’s and Procurement’s Differing Priorities for the Recruitment Supply Chain

HR and procurement professionals at the UK’s largest employers need to take a more rounded approach to managing their recruitment supply chain to ensure that they deliver the best candidate experience possible in addition to managing costs and time to hire.

This is according to “Chain Reaction: Making Recruitment Supply Chains Work”, a new ...

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Procurement Leaders - Are You Getting The Most From Your Time?

Having met with more than 1000 procurement professionals during the last decade one thing is clear – everyone is very busy.

Procurement Leaders are constantly being asked to do more with less. As a profession we are consistently taking on additional responsibilities and yet are expected to deliver commercial results fast.

It’s easy to feel ...

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Get your team out of their seats! The Procurement Leaders guide to driving Innovation

“Creating a better future requires creativity in the present.” ― Matthew Goldfinger

My opinion (based on a decade in the industry) is that procurement teams are uniquely placed to drive innovation across global businesses as a direct result of the view they have throughout the value chain - this is currently a huge missed opportunity for us ...

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How to Unite a Dysfunctional Procurement Team











So you have been parachuted into a new CPO role and are ready to tackle the challenge head on……but here’s the catch:

90% of the time a new CPO is hired to fix something that is broken.

A decade of procurement recruitment has taught me that that dysfunctional procurement teams are prevalent and ...

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Presenting a Winning Procurement Strategy

You get one chance to impress……

You have spoken to the key stakeholders to gather their input, analysed the numbers and got the relevant funding signed off by the board. It is now time to present your procurement master plan!

50 eager Procurement faces are sat awaiting your strategy presentation ready to make a judgement ...

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The Importance of CPO Legacy – How to exit an organisation with class.

I am often called in by organisations to find interim cover or permanent replacements (or both) as a result of an incumbent procurement leader leaving a business.

Exiting an organisation can be a tricky and emotionally charged time but it is a time that is of upmost importance with regards to maintaining your professional reputation ...

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Getting into Bed with your Suppliers

If there is one common theme I have picked up from placing CPO’s from all over the world it is that procurement as an industry still lacks sophistication and maturity in the area of developing and managing alliancing activity with their most strategic suppliers.

I have sat through conference after conference of procurement leaders ...

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The experiences you can gain now to fast track your Procurement career

As an up and coming CPO or Procurement Leader there are pockets of experience that you can be developing right now that will ensure that your career progression takes a very steep trajectory.

I have interviewed over 1000 procurement candidates and supervised the delivery of in excess of 500 procurement vacancies across the globe.  As ...

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