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Category archives: Private Equity

Foresight! – The Must Have Competency for Business Leaders in 2015.

Foresight is ‘to have the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future.’

Pace of change has accelerated so quickly in modern times that by the time you read this, an event will have no doubt occurred somewhere in your business. Prime examples of these are; a lucrative contract signed, a ...

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Beware of the bogus man from Del Monte

Some of you might be old enough to remember that Del Monte produced an iconic advertising campaign in the 1980s with the catchphrase "The Man from Del Monte he says YES". He was a charming man, well dressed who gave the ‘go ahead’ when satisfied that his product was ready to go to market. The ...

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Q&A Session Part I of II – My ‘brush’ with Gerry Nocker – Ex CEO at Colgate Palmolive Co.

Meeting and learning from the leaders of major businesses is a great privilege that I enjoy hugely.

As I continue my head-hunting journey spanning the globe and speaking with great leaders, I recently found myself at one of my more familiar settings, a top secret location away from the hustle and bustle in London meeting ...

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The business world is one of ever decreasing circles where communities become more exclusive the further up the tree you climb. 

This means that when looking to fill a senior executive position, potential candidates may already be known to the hirer and it is common for an HR Director to be able to access a ...

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Private Equity – are Entrepreneurs threatening the Private Equity market?

The Wall Street Journal reported recently on the rise in entrepreneurs competing directly with Private Equity firms and yet at the top end of the market, where the real PE business is taking place, I don’t see this happening. 

The PE sector is very broad based, dominated by large firms but with numerous smaller ...

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