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Deception & Detection – The networking event not to be missed


Deception & Detection – The networking event not to be missed.

We would be delighted if you can join us at the Hyatt Regency, Portman Square, London for this networking event.

Having organised and attended networking events over the last 15 years I’d like to think I know what might bring busy people together.

Food for ...

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Q&A Session Part I of II – My ‘brush’ with Gerry Nocker – Ex CEO at Colgate Palmolive Co.

Meeting and learning from the leaders of major businesses is a great privilege that I enjoy hugely.

As I continue my head-hunting journey spanning the globe and speaking with great leaders, I recently found myself at one of my more familiar settings, a top secret location away from the hustle and bustle in London meeting ...

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I’m a human being not a commodity

As a result of a long career in Recruitment, I’ve worked with many recruiters, some of which have been great and others not so good. 

The majority of them are driven by KPI’s, trying to convince candidates to interview for jobs they have absolutely no interest in, and when the reply came back ...

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Why would you put your employer brand with Executives Online?

“When hiring you place your employer brand in the hands of the recruitment partner you choose to work with, selecting Executives Online means your reputation will be in safe hands. EO provide an outstanding service to candidates, truly understanding who they are and what they excel at. They provide great service and feedback and make ...

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The job for life no longer exists. The average (median) tenure for people’s current jobs in the UK is now significantly less than 4 years, yet only 25 years ago it was almost 10 years. The average number of different jobs held in a lifetime is now 11.8 for men and 10.6 ...

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The role of the non-executive has come into its own in recent years, with opportunities for Non-Executive Directors (NED) and Non-Executive Chairmen (NEC) to play a crucial role in the growth of businesses, both large and small, now greater than ever before.

In many respects there’s never been a better time to take up ...

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