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Foresight! – The Must Have Competency for Business Leaders in 2015.

Foresight is ‘to have the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future.’

Pace of change has accelerated so quickly in modern times that by the time you read this, an event will have no doubt occurred somewhere in your business. Prime examples of these are; a lucrative contract signed, a ...

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Executives Online opens new office in Toronto

Executives Online has expanded our executive search and interim management business across the Atlantic, opening a new office in Toronto, Canada, to further strengthen our international presence to 30 offices in Europe, Africa and North America.

Commenting on the expansion, James O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer, Executives Online said: “Our international business is going from ...

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Executives Online expands to North America

Executives Online’s international business is going from strength to strength and our recent opening of a new Canadian office reflects the growing mobility of professional talent, while further demonstrating our commitment to servicing clients’ needs.

Executives Online now has 30 offices around the world and, in addition to the new presence in Toronto, we ...

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Should we Ignore Emails?

In its early days, one of the joys of email was the access it provided to people who might otherwise be inaccessible, or very difficult to reach.  The prospect of being able to speak directly to a CEO, without the filter of corporate flaks, personal assistants, and other gatekeepers, was intoxicating.

Today, working within a ...

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De-risking the Hiring Process

Senior Hiring is a risky and expensive business.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore what the key cost drivers are? As it turns out, Senior Hiring is even more expensive than figures suggest. Which presents the question isn’t it better to get it right the first time?

Typically new hires don ...

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Time to appreciate the human (resources) touch

Adrian Furnham is professor of psychology at University College London 

IT IS not hard to take a pop at the human resources function . . . if, of course, it is still called that. Once known as the staff department, the name evolved through personnel and human resources to the current hip jargon: the people department or the ...

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Your recruiter is your CV

Your recruiter is your CV

“Can I be an advocate for this candidate? Only then will I put them forward to the client.” It’s our job to fill that seat; we have a lot of seats to fill, but we must take the time to develop a relationship with the candidate that goes beyond ...

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Why proposed law banning “overseas-only” job advertising chases a phantom

Executives Online is puzzled – and somewhat alarmed – by the government’s announcement of plans to change current employment agency legislation to prevent recruiters from advertising jobs exclusively overseas.

Under the proposal, employment agencies and businesses will be required by law to advertise vacancies within the European Economic Area (EEA) only if they have also been ...

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Why network?

There are many varied reasons why HR professional find networking is not just a good and worthwhile thing to do, but an essential life and professional skill they should carefully and deliberately hone.  

Career help:  without a doubt, the main reason people network is to help their career development. Networking with other like-minded professionals builds ...

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Employer brand-led campaigns yield quantity not quality of applicants

Why employer brand-led recruitment yields mixed results, quantity not quality Big companies with appealing employer brands will – according to conventional wisdom – be those best positioned to bypass external suppliers, relying on direct recruitment via in-house teams. New research debunks that view, citing the large volume of low-quality applicants generated, which in turn imposes a screening ...

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