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What is Interim Management?

what is interim management?

Interim management is the temporary supply of an individual with management expertise into an organisation. These individuals are referred to as 'interim managers' and will typically be experienced business leaders who are able to manage an organisation through a period of change or transformation, provide stability to a business following the sudden departure of a senior leader, or provide a highly specialised skill set which a business may not have internally.

An organisation may choose to pursue the interim management route because the role in question is not a permanent position or a permanent executive/manager cannot be found fast enough.

Interim managers are typically hired for three to nine months and help organisations who are undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or are looking to plug a critical management gap.

What Are The Benefits Of Interim Managers?

  1. Speed
    Interim managers are available to start in days with minimum recruitment or termination formalities
  2. Experience
    Interim managers are typically overqualified for the role, meaning they can operate fully autonomously if necessary with little guidance
  3. Results
    Track record and performance really count, so interim managers are used to being judged by results so they know how to deliver
  4. Knowledge transfer
    With a wealth of experience comes skill, contacts and knowledge that will be transferred to your team and remain long after they have left
  5. Objectivity
    While sensitive to the company's ethos, they will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols. Having no previous history with your business means they can look at the situation objectively and with clarity.
  6. Delivery
    They can act as counsel to the Board while rolling up their sleeves to help deliver the strategy too.


what is interim management


What Are Interim Managers Used For?

Senior interim managers are typically highly experienced in a number of functions, and as a result are often adaptable to a range of situations. Typically interim managers are used:

  • As a temporary senior leader to plug an urgent gap
  • To lead a change or transformation project
  • To help reinforce an existing project team
  • To bring a specialised skill set into a project

Would You Make a Good Interim Manager?

Being a good interim manager is not the same as being a good corporate manager. Whilst interim management can be incredibly rewarding, with the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects alongside talented people while earning a lucrative day rate, it is also a challenging environment which is not for everyone.

If you are thinking about an interim career, take our short quiz to see if you'd be the right fit for interim.