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Change Management

hire interim change managers

Do you have a business critical change program that you need a change manager to own, support and deliver?

EO is able to source and supply change managers and directors who have a wealth of experience at delivering complex change programs or turning around programs that are slipping or lack direction.

Typically change managers are employed on an interim basis, and using our interim recruitment service we can provide:

  • Candidate shortlists within 48 hours
  • Success linked fees
  • Candidates that have been carefully vetted for the role
  • Access to a global database of the top 21,000 change and transformation experts

Change programmes can be particularly challenging due to the amount of moving parts and the wide spread impact it will have within the organisation.

Having a clear plan and strategy is important, but having the right people in the right places is critical to its success. Organisations should be looking for a blend of domain expertise provided by people who are already in the business and know where the company has been and where it's going, and people from outside the organisation who can bring fresh thinking that drives the change and brings people along.


interim change managers


What Kind Of Change Managers Can We Provide?

To give you an idea of the type of candidates we are connected with, we recently sat down with one candidates Carlos Romeu, a highly accomplished Executive Programme Director in Business & IT Transformation. Carlos has worked for leading service providers Atos and CSG and his expertise in digital, IT and outsourcing have allowed him to effectively engage clients across Banking, TMT and Public Sector verticals.

Carlos talked to us about today how he delivers and drives enterprise scale digital transformation projects and some of the common pitfalls to avoid. If you are thinking of embarking on a large scale change or transformation project watch the video below to pick up some tips and tricks.

change managers

Through our consultants networks and our leading global database of senior change managers, we are able to provide highly experienced change managers like Carlos within short timescales.


Benefits Of Interim Change Managers & Directors

As well as being vastly experienced, interim change managers are able to provide a range of other benefits to an organisation:

  • Effective leadership to carry the changes through
  • Rapid commencement -- an expert team can be on board within days, and with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities
  • Rapid results -- change managers have been there and done it before, and as a result they can qyuickly orientate themselves and 'hit the ground running'
  • Motivate and galvanaise existing teams
  • Transfer a significant amount of skill and expertise to an internal team
  • Bring more perspective and objectivity to business decisions
  • Able to drive change without being effected by internal politics or emotional attachment to people and processes.