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Our Approach

executive search approach

For more than 15 years, Executives Online has been providing clients with the knowledge and advice they need to make the right leadership decisions for their business.

Finding, engaging and securing top talent that clients can't find themselves is the fundamental aim of our executive search and recruitment practice. All executive hires for permanent positions made through our award winning executive intro® candidate assessment and presentation tool come with a 12 month guarantee as standard, with a shortlist typically generated within 6 weeks.

Our Methodology

We use a tested 8 step strategic sourcing process and apply it to your role to attract, find and secure the best candidates.

executive recruitment process


How We Access Top Talent

The market for any role is split into three areas: available, in role and immovable.

Below is a representation of what the market looks like at any one time is. As a business, you want to access the top 10% of talent for critical senior roles, but only 0.25% of the market is both available and top talent. This is because the majority of top talent is in-role, so to get the best quality people your recruitment needs to be able to access the 8% of top talent that is in-role and persuade them to join you.

executive search methedology

A skilled search consultant helps you access the 8% of top talent that is in-role but would be open to moving if the opportunity is compelling enough.

After identifying with the client the criteria for the ideal candidate, our consultants represent the client by positioning and selling the role to the best available and passive candidates in order to engage and secure them.


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A Quality Short List Fast

The cost of an unfilled executive position can be huge, and it can place a great burden on the rest of your senior managers. You may need to fill a key vacancy fast, and we understand that it's essential to find the right person for every key role.


Access The Same Consultant Throughout The Process

Our clients' business needs remain at the forefront of the recruitment process, which is why our clients can be confident that the Executives Online recruitment director they meet will be the same person who selects and interviews the candidates for the executive position.


Combined Interim and Permanent Service

There are times when eight weeks is too long to have a gap in a critical position. Rather than choosing a recruitment provider that will rush the hiring process by focusing on available talent, we offer a combined interim and permanent service where we can supply a highly skilled interim manager to look after the position until the right person is found permanently.

This approach ensures that there is minimum disruption to the business, whilst ensuring the appropriate time is taken to find the right person for the role.


Track Record of Success

The majority of candidates we are networked with have 20+ years' corporate experience across a wide range of roles, industries, functions and companies. Their careers show a strong track record of delivering results, which is why when they are behaviourally matched to you position we can be so confident that they will also deliver for you.


Bespoke Recruitment Solutions

We understand that sometimes clients have standardised talent acquisition processes that they use across their business. In those instances, utilising a recruitment platform like executive-intro® might not be the right fit for you so our recruitment processes have been designed to be flexible enough to be customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. Examples include:

  • Faster shortlisting
  • Integration with your in-house recruitment portal
  • Choice over psychometric assessment tools
  • Between 3 and 12 months guarantee
  • Interim to permanent candidate transfers
  • Flexible payment stages

Our bespoke recruitment solutions can be tailored to supplement and support your processes, offering a seamless integration with your team and organisation.

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