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MBI Recruitment

Executives Online has a large number of candidates looking to acquire companies. We work with Corporate Finance partners to form a team capable of handling Management Buy-In (MBI) or Buy-In Management Buy-Out (BIMBO) transactions.

Finding the right investing director, however, can be challenging. The right person will have a strong and lengthy track record in your market sector, or in one which presents good opportunity for synergy and knowledge transfer into your company.

Executives Online can quickly find the right investing director for you. Our talent bank of senior executives is a unique and proven resource, containing just the types of candidates appropriate for investing director roles. Virtually all of our candidates have 20+ years’ corporate experience, in a tremendous range of industriesfunctions and companies. Many are successful interim managers, delivering successful results in fixed-term assignments for companies and charitable/public sector organisations of all types. Not only does this mean they’re adept at getting up to speed very fast and identifying the important strategic and operational factors at play, it also means that they are readily available for investing roles.

An investing director role is an excellent counterpart to an interim career. And our Managing Director and CEO candidates are a natural choice; having run successful organisations, they possess the right type of leadership and advisory perspective needed for investing directors. Our global talent bank also contains many candidates specifically seeking investing director roles.

Looking for an MBI Opportunity?

If you consider that your next step in your career could be to buy into and help run an existing business then consider our MBI service.

Our Corporate Finance partners focus their work on the investor or "Buy Side" of Management Buy-Ins (MBIs), advising and structuring a project efficiently and effectively. This may involve the existing owners or management of the business to be invested in also taking a stake (a Buy-In Management Buy-Out or BIMBO). Once the investing director (MBI) is engaged with them, they help find suitable business targets to approach and then assist the subsequent negotiation to achieve an appropriate investment/purchase.

Their objective is to find good business opportunities that are profitable, cash-generative and realistically priced. Ideally one or two existing members of the company’s management team participate to make it a BIMBO project, which is preferred by debt funders. They consult with the advisers of owners wishing to exit their companies to make sure they are sale ready and an MBI or BIMBO is an appropriate solution. They ensure that all projects they work on can be financed.

They specialise in transactions in the £1m - £20m range and put the acquisition teams together sometimes with a Chairman and/or Non-Executive Director; working with them on the lending proposal and assisting with arranging finance, which may include mortgage, cash flow lending, asset finance or additional equity funding. They have established a proven track record of pre-qualifying proposals, have a large network of funding sources to approach and have seldom failed to meet a funding requirement.

In summary the overall services that our Corporate Finance partners provide on MBIs are:

  1. Review the business and decide whether it has suitable MBI potential. (Please note you will need suitable backgrounds and free cash/security resources to proceed. We will discuss this on application.)
  2. Ensure that the vendor's expectations are realistic.
  3. Develop a business plan together with the MBI team.
  4. Prepare and present a debt/investment funding proposal.
  5. Work closely with banks and sound out their appetite to fund the MBI.
  6. Introductions to alternative sources of debt funding and negotiate the best funding package.
  7. Assist with negotiations to agree Heads of Terms.
  8. Assist with additional MBI team members as required.
  9. Assist with managing the due diligence.
  10. Assist with the negotiation of the sale and purchase agreement.
  11. Project manage on behalf of the MBI/BIMBO buy-side team through to completion.