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Executive Headhunting

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Today's top talent is harder to reach than ever. Over the past 15 years the power balance has shifted from companies to candidates, as businesses compete to attract the brightest and best. The fact is that the majority of top performers are already in a role, so to attract A-players to your business you need a compelling proposition and an expert who can identify, seduce and secure an in-demand senior leader.

Our executive headhunting solution builds relationships with passive candidates who are already in role and attracts them to your business. Our headhunting service offers:

  • A 12 month guarantee on new hires
  • No shortlisting fee, just 1/3rd up front and 2/3rds on completion
  • A 2 minute video pitch from the candidate about their suitability for the role
  • A full CV with your consultants interview notes
  • A full behavioural profile matched to your specific role
  • Written candidate responses to three critical questions
  • Full benchmarking of candidates based on competency answers and salary expectations
  • A confidential, secure environment to view all the candidates put forward for your role which can be accessed via computer or mobile anywhere in the world
  • Instanct access to a screened global database of the top global 250,000+ senior executives

Through our headhunting service we are able to identify and access the top 8% of talent within your space. These 8% of candidates represent the best possible people who exist in the passive candidate pool (they are in a role but would potentially be open to a move). Having the knowledge and expertise to access this passive pool gives us and our clients a significant advantage over recruitment businesses who rely heavily on active talent pools.


executive headhunting


An Advanced Executive Headhunting Service

Our executive headhunting solution comes packaged with our award winning multimedia candidate presentation tool that not only gives you access to a CV for each candidate but also 1 minute video pitch, benchmarking and answers to key competency questions set by you. This gives you a much more detailed understanding of each candidate that has been shortlisted for your role.


The Advantages Of The EO Headhunting Process

Our executive headhunting service delivers high quality candidates without the high fees commonly associated with retained search. To make it easier to understand what the EO headhunting recruitment process offers, we've created a comparision table against other similar services. Our Executive Intro® recruitment process offers a blend of the advantages of both a traditional contingent and traditional retained search process.

executive headhunting advantages