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De-Risk And Attract Top Talent

Most agencies guarantee placements for 3 months... we guarantee ours for 12 months. How can we be so confident?

executive intro® was born out of our belief that companies historically hire leaders based on skills but fire based on behaviours - we realised that executive recruitment had to be done a different way to get different results.

executive intro® pulls together a combination of a proven process, recruiters who are experts in their business area, one of the most extensive candidate databases in the industry, and a more scientific way of analysing a candidate's suitability.

executive search process

executive search process

What is executive-intro™?

executive intro® is an award winning technology platform that matches candidates to a business on both technical competencies and behaviours to ensure a great cultural fit, and then presents them to you in a secure portal that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Historically companies hire on skills but fire on behaviour, and to break this cycle recruitment needs to provide insights beyond a standard interview. This is why our executive-intro® process uses a range of assessment tools like videos and psychometrics in combination with a CV, background checks and benchmarking to provide much more insight about each candidate put forward for the role before interview.


90 Second Candidate Video Pitches

Get under the skin of shortlisted candidates by watching them pitch for the role. Gain insight from the way they dress, speak and choose to talk about themselves. 

benchmarking graphs

See how candidates stack up against each other based on their answers to key competency questions and get a feel for their market value with their salary expectations. 


Psychometric Profiles
​Understand the behavioural characteristics of shortlisted candidates, and see how they match against a psychometric profile of the ideal candidate.

See executive-intro® In Action

Watch our video tour to see why clients say executive-intro has transformed their hiring.

video hiring


The Advantages Of The executive-intro® Recruitment Process

Our executive recruitment service delivers high quality candidates without the high fees commonly associated with retained search. To make it easier to understand what the EO recruitment process offers, we've created a comparision table against other similar services. Our Executive Intro® retained recruitment process offers a blend of the advantages of both a traditional contingent and traditional retained search process.

executive intro


Find Out How We Achieve A 96% Retention Rate

Through executive-intro® we are able to achieve a 96% retention rate over 12 months. Inside this ebook we look at:
• The technology behind our sourcing and evaluation tool
• Tactics and techniques you can use to reach and engage top talent
• How to find talent across the whole market not just active pools
• How to use comprehensive scientific techniques to evaluate talent more effectively



Part of our executive-match® suite

executive-intro™ is one part of our executive-match™ suite, designed specifically for finding, assessing, placing and accelerating the success of senior executives.