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Accelerating Executive Impact In The First 90 Days

Unlike traditional search firms our work doesn’t stop once the placement is made. Ensuring a candidate gets up and running as quickly as possible is a priority for us - it’s one of the reasons why we’re able to offer a 12 month guarantee on new hires and achieve a 96% retention rate. Our executive-impact™ onboarding program fast tracks guaranteed success. 

Over the first 90 days one of our experienced executive onboarding coaches works closely with your organisation and the new hire to align the objectives of the business and the candidate. This ensures a smooth transition and faster realisation of performance. We offer this service as part of our standard overall approach at no extra cost when running a retained search using our executive-intro platform.



executive-impact™ At A Glance

executive-impact™ runs over a 90 day period to help support your new hire at the crucial time in their transition when starting a new role.

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De-Risk Your Hiring Process

After spending time and money recruiting the perfect person for a role, you want to make sure that they can continue their great track record of success at your new company. There are some pitfalls that need to be avoided however:

  • The change in environment can put pressure on candidates both inside and outside of work.
  • A feeling of isolation can arise from not having any relationships within the business.
  • Candidate and client objectives can be misaligned.
  • The reality of the role might not match the candidate’s expectations.

Any of these can lead to a fall in motivation and performance. You may well have experienced some of these yourself when you joined a new business. executive-impact™ offers individual coaching that compliments in-house programmes and generates benefits to both the company and the coachee. The typical benefits compared to a recruitment process without impartial onboarding are:

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Avoid Your New Hire Experiencing The 90 Day Dip

The 90 day dip is a phenomenon that occurs when a newly placed candidate loses motivation over the first 90 days of a new role. Once the honeymoon period wears off, the reality of what the job requires starts to set in and often leads to a fall in motivation and performance.

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To avoid this, our onboarding coaches are able to increase the performance of your new hires by:

  • Coaching to prevent the 90 day dip.
  • Ensuring client and candidate objectives are aligned.
  • Converting the potential the candidate was brought in on.

This helps clients to generate a faster return on their new hire when compared to an onboarding process that does not have executive coaching and mentoring.


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Our Executive Onboarding Coaches

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As an onboarding coach, Laurent has acquired in-depth experience from working for major blue chips for 25 years in their commercial, marketing and sales functions. This gives him a unique coaching style which is both supportive and challenging, helping senior leaders to explore concepts and ideas  whilst creating a new strategic plan or unlocking creative thinking. View His Full Profile

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Part Of Our Executive Recruitment Suite

executive-impact™ is one part of our executive recruitment suite, designed specifically for finding, placing and accelerating the success of senior executives.