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Finding & Attracting Top Talent To Your Business

executive-discovery™ maps your market for the best people, identifies targets, and positions your business in a compelling way to attract the talent you need to drive your business forwards. We offer this service as part of our standard overall approach at no extra cost when running a retained search using our executive-match™ platform.


How We Access Top Talent

Below is a representation of what the market looks like at any one time. The market for any role is split into three areas: available, in role and immovable. As a business you need to access the top 10% of talent for critical senior roles, but only 0.25% of the market is both available and top talent. This is because the majority of top talent is in-role, so to get the best quality people your recruitment needs to access the top 8% of talent that is currently working for someone else and persuade them to join you.

With executive-discovery™ a skilled EO search consultant works through a five stage process with you to access the top 8% of talent within your market. 

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1. Market Mapping & Identifying Headhunting Targets

executive-impact™ runs over a 90 day period to help support your new hire at the crucial time in their transition when starting a new role.

We can provide insights about the hiring patterns within your industry and map your market to agree an approach strategy for key targets.  Market mapping through executive-discovery™ identifies:

  • Who the top 8% of talent is within your market
  • How best to target those individuals
  • Which individuals have recently moved to a competitor

This service gives you a detailed view of the talent within your market, enables you to make better strategic hiring decisions, and allows us to target the people that will make the most difference to your business. We have the capability to provide market mapping within the following industries:


2. Deep Talent Search

Our global talent bank contains over 240,000 senior executives and interim management specialists. Our talent bank has been carefully curated over the last 16 years to give our consultants access to high quality individuals who impress clients and deliver great results. Our database scores over public profiles and social media because of the speed of access and depth of information, increasing our response time. 


3. Personal Networks & Go-To-Expertise

Each of our consultants is a specialist in specific industries and role functions. By concentrating on a segment of the market rather than trying to cover the whole market, our consultants develop deep relationships with top talent within each niche. When going to market on behalf of your brand, our consultants use their networks and knowledge of the hiring market in that sector to identify the individuals that are of the highest value to your business. We have consultants with go-to expertise in the following role functions:



4. Positioning Your Brand Through EVP Development

We're acutely aware that every time we go to market we are representing our client: their brand, their EVP (employee value proposition), and that there will only be one successful candidate. Our consultants take the time to understand your company’s DNA, strategic vision and your employer branding, so that they can position your business in a compelling way within the marketplace. Our approach to candidate care ensures that every candidate is kept informed through out the process.


5. Discovery Candidate Provided

As part of our retained search process we are able to provide a discovery candidate for a role that we are recruiting for on your behalf. A discovery candidate is an individual who based from our previous discussions looks like they may be a good fit to your role. 

It isn’t neccessarily someone that we are planning on shortlisting, and it’s better to think of this as more of a temperature check. If the candidate is a close match then we know who we need to find more of. If the candidate is not quite right for some reason, we can explore why that is and feed that insight back into the team who is headhunting for your role. This also allows us to get someone in front of you early on in the process and gather feedback much quicker about the ideal person for the role without delaying the full search.


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See How We Position Our Job Adverts

The Job Description is one of the key tools that enables you to attract top leaders to your hiring process. We've created a free to download template that has been laid out specifically for senior executive jobs that will help ensure the right people are attracted to a recruitment process. Download it to see how we position senior roles we recruit for.


Part Of Our Executive Recruitment Suite

executive-impact™ is one part of our executive recruitment suite, designed specifically for finding, placing and accelerating the success of senior executives.