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Executive Search

executive recruitment

EO is a team of 85+ experienced executive search professionals based in 27 offices across 6 countries. We share a single vision: to enable our clients to gain competitive advantage through talent. Our three step executive search process is called executive-match™:

  1. executive-discovery™ maps your market for the best people, identifies targets, and positions your business in a compelling way to attract the talent you need to drive your business forwards.
  2. executive-intro is an award winning technology platform that matches candidates to a business on both technical competencies and behaviours to ensure a great cultural fit, and then presents them to you in a secure portal that can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  3. executive-impact™ is an onboarding program fast tracks guaranteed success. Over the first 90 days one of our experienced executive onboarding coaches works closely with your organisation and the new hire to align the objectives of the business and the candidate to ensure a smooth transition and faster realisation of performance.

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executive discovery

As a business you want to access the top 10% of talent, however accessing those individuals is difficult because the majority of top talent is currently doing a great job for someone else. 

With executive-discovery, a skilled EO search consultant works with you to map your market for top talent, and then helps you access the 8% of top talent that is in-role but would be open to moving. This allows us to find you the right person for your role, not just the best available person.

access the top 8% of talent

All EO consultants are experienced at professionally representing a clients employee value proposition and skilled at engaging, facilitating and evaluating the best calibre candidates within the market. We spend our time building relationships with the 8% of top talent so that you don’t have to.

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executive assessment

Whereas most recruitment firms guarantee their executive placements for 3 months, we guarantee ours for 12 months. 

The reason why we can be so confident is because of our executive intro® cloud based shortlisting platform. Our award winning technology matches candidates to a business on both technical competencies and behaviours to ensure a great cultural fit, and then presents them to you in a secure portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

executive candidate presentation

Through our executive-intro assessment and presentation platform we can offer you:
  • A 12 month guarantee on new hires
  • Success weighted fees, just 1/3rd up front and 2/3rds on completion
  • A 2 minute video pitch from the candidate about their suitability for the role
  • A full CV with your consultants interview notes
  • A full behavioural profile matched to your specific role
  • Written candidate responses to three critical questions
  • Full benchmarking of candidates based on competency answers and salary expectations
  • A confidential, secure environment to view all the candidates put forward for your role which can be accessed via computer or mobile anywhere in the world
  • Access to a global database of the top 240,000+ senior executives

When used on senior level hires, executive-intro has been proven to ensure cultural fit, increase retention and help secure the right person faster than traditional search methods.

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executive onboarding

Unlike traditional search firms our work doesn’t stop once the placement is made. Ensuring a candidate gets up and running as quickly as possible is a priority for us - it’s one of the reasons why we’re able to offer a 12 month guarantee on new hires and achieve a 96% retention rate. Our Executive-Impact onboarding program fast tracks guaranteed success. 

avoid motivational dips

Over the first 90 days of a new role new hires experience a dip in motivation. This happens as they gets to grip with the change in their surroundings, start re-building office relationships from scratch and understand more about the company structure and the politics inside it. At this critical time new hires can feel isolated, delaying their ability to add value to the organisation.

With our executive-impact service, one of our experienced executive onboarding coaches works closely with your organisation and the new hire to align the objectives of the business and the candidate. This ensures a smooth transition and faster realisation of performance. We offer this service as part of our standard overall approach at no extra cost when running a retained search using our Executive-Intro® platform.

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Executive Functions We Recruit For

Our world-class consultants belong to industry and functional practices depending on their experience and expertise. The main functions and industries we cover are:

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Bespoke Recruitment Solutions

We understand that sometimes clients have standardised talent acquisition processes that they use across their business. In those instances, utilising a recruitment platform like executive-intro® might not be the right fit for you so our recruitment processes have been designed to be flexible enough to be customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. Examples include:

  • Faster shortlisting
  • Integration with your in-house recruitment portal
  • Choice over psychometric assessment tools
  • Between 3 and 12 months guarantee
  • Interim to permanent candidate transfers
  • Flexible payment stages

Our bespoke recruitment solutions can be tailored to supplement and support your processes, offering a seamless integration with your team and organisation.

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Why EO?

If you've ever experienced a recruitment process that has dragged on for months without delivering, or worse, results in the wrong person for the job, you know how frustrating that process can be.

Changing social demographics and an evolving business environment are creating a leadership talent shortage and making it increasingly more difficult for businesses to attract the talent they need. Businesses have two options when engaging with a recruitment agency:

  1. Use a retained traditional executive search agency with an outdated and expensive search practice
  2. Use a non-exclusive contingent recruitment agency with an over reliance on job boards, only engaging active job seekers, and poor candidate care

At EO we are positioned between those two options, with a retained executive search service enhanced by innovative technology, that delivers a more reliable outcome, and has a fee structure weighted on success.

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