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Executives Online has certainly gone the extra mile to fill a key position for renewable energy specialist, Econnect, in Hexham, Northumberland.

In fact, Executives on Line has gone a few thousand extra miles with the appointment of Iain M who recently returned to his native UK all the way from Victoria, Canada, as managing director of the technology arm of the company, Econnect Ventures Limited.

Its second key appointment at Econnect in the last few months, Executives Online’s database of skilled candidates - backed by detailed pre-screening techniques to ensure a high quality short list - proved once again how the company can respond to employer needs swiftly and efficiently, even in an emerging market such as renewable energy.

“The recruitment process was fantastic,” said Iain. “Even though I applied online for the role, Executives Online was extremely professional all the way through the recruitment process. Paul Barron, the director, gave continuous updates on the progress of my application, even though I was thousands of miles away in a different country.”

It is testament to Executives Online's international presence that I was able to find a new career in a different country

With a new and growing sector like renewable energy it can be extremely hard to find the right candidate to fill a key role such as managing director. A suitable candidate for positions like this needs to have amassed intellectual knowledge from a variety of professions, markets and sectors but in this regard, Iain really fitted the bill.

He continues, “Initially, Econnect was a little hesitant about my suitability for the role, however, Paul knew of my eagerness to move back to the UK. I even offered to pay for my own air fare just to get in front of Econnect, to prove to them that I was the right man for the job! I knew that I would really enjoy it and Paul backed me all the way. With this level of enthusiasm, he persuaded Econnect to take a look at me. It was the regular contact, Paul’s unique perspective about the role and his benchmarking of the candidacy which greatly assisted Econnect’s decision to take me on.”

Iain is a chartered engineer and a graduate of Imperial College and Harvard Business School. He has worked in such diverse markets as local government, healthcare and mining.

This wealth of experience gained from a variety of high profile firms throughout a 20- year career has resulted in a plethora of knowledge about cutting edge technologies, an understanding of working relationships with partner investors, the leadership of high calibre technical development teams and a unique knowledge of the skills needed to lead early stage technology companies.

Iain’s role will be focusing upon the manufacture and international sales of Econnect’s products.

He added, “Econnect is a terrific vertical and operates in a very important growth market, with many talented individuals in its team. The role was too good to miss and Executives Online really helped in guiding me through the recruitment process from so far away. It is testament to their international presence that I was able to find a new career in a different country. I am loving life back in the UK and, even though I am a life long supporter of Hull City, I still can’t believe they are in the Premiership”.