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Would You Make A Good Interim Manager?

Being a good interim manager is not the same as being a good corporate manager. Whilst interim management can be incredibly rewarding, with the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects alongside talented people while earning a lucrative day rate, it is also a challenging environment which is not for everyone.

So before pursuing your first interim project, ask yourself these 8 questions:

1. Do you have a strong CV which demonstrates good depth and breadth of experience across a number of different job roles?

Typically clients are looking for experienced senior leaders who are often 'over qualified' for the role they are looking to fill. Interim managers are paid a premium over a regular permanent employee, and as a result clients expect interims to have very deep knowledge of the specialised skill sets they require, and be able to work autonomously without much guidance.

2. Are you physically and mentally fit enough to start a new project every six months?

Being an interim can be stressful. As a contractor you are viewed as an easily disposable asset with short notice periods, which means you need to be willing to work hard and continually out perform your peer group. Being thrown into a new environment and building relationships with a new set of people every 6 to 9 months can be physically and mentally tiring, so you need to be confident that your able to cope with the strain of the interim lifestyle.

3. Are you financially secure enough to survive some bumps?

Whilst some interim managers are able to complete and start new projects in quick succession, for the bulk of interim managers they will have a gap between roles which can be anything from a few weeks to six months. You need to make sure you are financially stable enough that this will not put too much pressure on your personal life.

4. Do you interview well?

The selection process for interim positions is much shorter and sharper than the corporate recruitment process. You must be able to sell yourself quickly and confidently.



5. Are you able to adapt to a new environment and quickly gain support?

Clients expect interim managers to hit the ground running, with little orientation or induction. This is one of the reasons why clients typically will look to recruit an interim manager with relevant sector experience. You will also need to be able to quickly build relationships with key stakeholders within the business to ensure your project has the best chance of success.

6. Do you have good networking skills and a strong network?

You will need good networking skills to secure opportunities, and many interims get opportunities through the strength of their existing network. Having personal relationships with a range of senior leaders will increase the chances of getting put forward for a relevant role.

7. Are you happy to live out of a suitcase when necessary?

Projects will frequently be too far from your home location to allow you to commute daily. As a result, you may be required to stay at hotels away from home during the week.

8. Is your CV formatted in a way that it show the reader quickly and clearly what you can do?

Have a look at the style of CV that has helped numerous candidates secure interim management and permanent positions. Remember that we have thousands of CVs in our database, but at any one time we are actively seeking to fill only a few vacancies. Your CV needs to stand out from the crowd to have any chance of your securing an interview.

So would you make a good interim manager?

If your answer to all of the questions above is 'yes!' then the interim management lifestyle could be a good fit for you. If you haven't already make sure that you register with us to get sent any job opportunities that are relevant to your experience.


Executive Interim Management Functions We Recruit For

Wondering whether we recruit interim managers within your space? Our consultants recruit for a variety of functional practices depending on their experience and expertise. The main functions we cover are:

If you work in one of those functions then it is likely we will have a relevant role for you in the near future. If you want to make sure you hear about opportunities that might be relevant for you then make sure you register with us.

would you make a good interim manager?