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Why Working In Procurement is Epic

Having spent a decade recruiting in the procurement industry I can unequivocally confirm that working in procurement is indeed….Epic.

Now bear with me here. In previous blogs and discussions we have talked about how the brand in the procurement industry needs to lift and that certainly remains the case.  However, the team here at Executives Online and I recognise that procurement leadership remains and will continue to remain an excellent career choice.  

The reality of working in procurement is significantly better than the current brand suggests.

Here’s why:

It’s the Fastest growing Profession in Business

Across the globe macro-economic trends have led to organisations investing further in their procurement capability – so much so that procurement is now widely recognised as the fastest growing profession in business.

The key issues that keep the modern CEO’s awake at night such as managing outsourcing relationships, mitigating corporate risks and maintaining ethical standards all demand procurement expertise.

This demand has resulted in a talent shortage which in turn has resulted in significant earnings increases for top quartile procurement professionals.  The procurement function as a whole has become recognised as more strategic and the rewards and opportunities on offer for success are very very significant.

Procurement looks Forward

Finance, Legal, HR and other corporate functions spend a lot of time analysing and interpreting what has already happened.  Procurement in comparison looks forward and helps shape the future – now that is worth getting out of bed for.

Unique Insights into the commercial world at large

Procurement leaders uniquely work across categories, operations and geographies  - an exposure that provides them with a comprehensive insight into how global organisations function. 

This knowledge (the whole way through the value chain) is starting to get recognised at board level with successful CPO’s being deployed into other areas of the business as senior commercial executives.

There are COO’s, Regional MD’s and CIO’s in place today in some of the world’s largest organisations who originally came from a procurement background.  

Succeed in procurement and you are setting yourself up for the C suite.

Unrivalled Exposure to other Business Leaders
Procurement as a community is collegiate and collaborative so at a base level you will find your peers to be accessible and open to sharing ideas.  This is not the case is most professions!

In addition to working with industry peers (and internal stakeholders) procurement leaders have a rare and uncommon level of access to MD’s, CEO’s and Sales Directors from the world’s leading and most innovative suppliers.

The more successful executives you spend time with the more you learn – and the more you learn the more successful you become.  Therefore, this exposure is a ‘money can’t buy’ personal development opportunity that will benefit your career immensely.

And that, truly is……epic.

Procurement Executives – keep the positivity flowing and join in the conversation.  Add a comment below telling us why you believe that Working in Procurement is Epic.

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