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Why EO?

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At EO we are passionate about combining best in class technology and in-depth candidate screening to create an enhanced Executive Recruitment and Search service. This innovative approach is used by our experienced recruitment consultants to source outstanding talent that is guaranteed to be the right person for your business - we call it Executive-Intro®

We created this enhanced recruitment service in response to what we saw as a problem with traditional search practices. Executive-Intro® offers you:

  • A 12 month guarantee on new hires
  • A full CV with your consultants interview notes
  • A 2 minute video pitch from the candidate about their suitability for the role
  • A full behavioural profile matched to your specific role
  • Written candidate responses to three critical questions
  • Full benchmarking of candidates based on competency answers and salary expectations
  • A confidential, secure environment to view all the candidates put forward for your role which can be accessed via computer or mobile anywhere in the world
  • No shortlisting fee, just 1/3rd up front and 2/3rds on completion
  • Access to a global database of the top 240,000+ senior executives

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Traditional Recruitment Is Outdated

46% of new hires fail within 18 months. This is largely down to companies hiring based on skills a candidate's CV seems to support, but firing when the person is not the right cultural fit for their organisation. Traditional recruitment is unable to solve this problem.

At one end of the market you have traditional (retained) search practices, which are becoming outdated and expensive. They perform in depth search and head hunting but their fees are often based on the entire package (including bonus and extras) rather than on just base salary alone which can make the recruitment fee around 1/3rd higher than if it was just on base salary. In addition to this their approach is relatively unscientific, relying on screening and interviewing candidates based solely on a CV without giving attention to whether the person is likely to be a cultural fit. As a result they are normally only able to offer a 3 month guarantee on new hires.

At the other end of the market you have contingent (or non-retained) recruitment. Although non-exclusivity can seem attractive, in reality it leads to a significant drop in the quality of the average candidate sent though to shortlist. This is because contingent recruitment processes don't show clients the best candidates, just the best available candidates which only accounts for around 15% of the whole talent market.

Your Business Needs The Top 10% Of Talent

To be competitive, as a business you need to be able to access the top 10% of candidates in the role you are hiring for. Of the top 10% of candidates, only 0.25% will be within this 'active pool', so the chances of you being presented a top quality candidate from contingent recruitment is slim. This is obvious when you think about it as the best people tend to be in high demand and therefore not on the market for long if ever.

The image below gives an overview of what the market looks like at any one time. Approximately 15% of the market is available at any one time, while 15% of the market is immovable (they are happy and can't be incentivised to move). Of the top 10% of the market, 1.75% will be immovable (they are well looked after as top performers) and 0.25% are available. This leaves 8% of candidates who are top performers and would be open to a move. This is the market that we actively map with you and go-after. Top quality senior leaders who can make an immediate impact to your business and are in the top 8% quotile.

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The EO Way

We're acutely aware that every time we go to market we are representing our client: their brand, their value proposition, and that there will only be one successful candidate.

Putting candidate and client care ahead of financial incentives ensures all our consultants are motivated to form deep meaning relationships which in turn helps us access and place the best talent. Our award winning candidate presentation tool executive-intro® is part of this process that helps clients make more informed decisions about the candidates that are put forward for a role. It pulls together a combination of a proven process, recruiters who are experts in their business area, one of the most extensive candidate databases in the industry, and a more scientific way of analysing a candidates suitability.

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