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The History of Executives Online

Executives Online was formed in 2000 as a Professional Services organisation focusing on the provision of Interim Managers and launched its first website that year.  In its early years Executives Online pioneered the use of search engine marketing to attract potential clients, typically first time users of interim management or organisations that had become dissatisfied with their current provider.

In addition to attracting clients we commenced the development of our Global Talent Bank which has since become an award winning Online Talent Acquisition Engine which invites registrations from senior managers and executives globally whose online behaviour indicates the required seniority, gravitas and motivation to participate in discussions about new interim and permanent roles. 

As a Professional Services organisation we believe that our advisory approach to our clients is paramount to our success.  Over the years we have supported this approach with detailed research on market conditions and market opportunities, you can download any of these reports free of charge from the media section of our website.

In 2004 the output of one of our surveys identified that there was a high degree of dissatisfaction with the traditional search model for permanent executive recruitment.  The business model of executive search had not changed its modus operandi in over 50 years and was resisting the use of technology in improving both client and candidate service.  Executives Online set about to Transform Executive Recruitment and took the principles from its Interim Management practice – High Quality, Personal Service and Speed of Delivery –to a newly formed Executive Recruitment practice that countered the laboured service of the traditional executive search by adopting a High Touch, High Tech service for clients that offers all of the service of traditional search but on a differentiated pricing structure to reflect the use and speed that a technology enabled service can offer.  This Technologising of the recruitment research process has enabled Executives Online to enter this well established market and challenge the traditional search firms effectively.

By developing a two pronged service for our client model the business commenced an expansion programme which continues to this day to offer our service locally to clients but on a global scale.  In Executives Online’s process and philosophy, there are no artificial boundaries – geographical, organisational – to accessing talent.  Our operations are staffed by people who understand their local market. All client service staff have free and unfettered access to the entire Global Talent Bank and frequently work together on projects. This means that in addition to the Practice Leader directing your recruitment project, you’ll further benefit from the contributions and perspectives of the entire Executives Online network.  The unique way we work across offices and practices means that Executives Online is unusually adept at successfully delivering assignments at home and overseas.

Today Executives Online operates from over 30 locations in ten countries, for more information or to find a local office please Contact us.