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Public Sector and Local Government Management Recruitment

Executives Online is a fast-track provider of top managers and consultants in the public sector and local government. We provide senior managers with extensive experience in this specialised sector for permanent positions, projects, change programmes, or interim assignments. And we supply them much faster than traditional executive headhunters do.

Our Global Talent Bank

We can deliver on this promise because our global talent bank includes hundreds of public sector specialists with a proven track record.

E-government agenda, the PFI/PPP expansion and the ambitious investments in schools, hospitals and public transport – all being closely monitored by the media and the taxpayer – means there has never been a greater demand for effective project management within the public sector.

Resourcing such projects is a major issue: the public sector can't be seen to be maintaining an unnecessarily high head count; yet the projects and programmes are vast and vital.

We are the perfect partner to boost existing project teams with experienced, handpicked, hands-on interim project managers and senior programme directors. Teams can be flexed up and down as and when required. Key skills can be introduced exactly when they are needed. This flexible resourcing helps keep costs down and project performance up.

We can also quickly supply experienced programme directors drawn from the public sector.