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NED recruitment

NED recruitment

Experienced Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Are you looking for a Non Executive Director for your business? Executives Online have experience recruiting for NEDs across a wide range of industries, and with our deep talent networks can locate and secure the right NED for your current business situation. 

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Non-Executive Chairmen (NECs) play an important role in companies of all sizes. NEDs are utilised for their unbiased, critical thinking which can prove invaluable when helping to guide the company’s biggest decisions. Non-Executive Directors bring independent judgement and can help you with strategy, performance and guidance to achieve your business forwards.

At EO, we have a strong track record of understanding the needs of the organisation and locating the ideal NED to support and add value to your business.

Why Recruit A Non-Executive Director?

Non Executive Directors can help in particular with SMEs where they can expand and enhance your businesses through their unique background and experience. NEDs can help with:

  • Access to key individuals through an NEDs network
  • Governance
  • Developing businesses commercially
  • Forming and developing strategy
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit

The advantage to SMEs is their ability to recruit Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) that ordinarily, as an executive, may have been impossible for you to attain (either in terms of attraction to the business or affordability) and this can therefore have a major impact on your company direction and future success.

Our Approach To Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Our approach to Non-Executive Director (NED) and Non-Executive Chairman (NEC) recruitment deploys a unique blend of proven talent attraction methods and personal, proficient service to deliver targeted and cost-effective recruitment for your board role.

The process we use includes:

  • Developing a detailed brief of your requirements,
  • Creating an ideal candidate profile,
  • Understanding the role of the NED within your business including tasks, stakeholder accountabilities, company culture and Boardroom dynamics so that a good fit can be achieved.
  • Searching our database of highly qualified NEDs
  • Leveraging personal networks
  • Headhunting agreed targets to secure the right individual

We then screen and assess all candidates, conducting extensive and comprehensive interviews in person or occasionally via Skype (for overseas assignments). We then meet with you again to present a short list of the most appropriate candidates, together with detailed interview notes per candidate.

The return on investment realised by businesses who engage Non-Executives in this way, whether as SMEs or large listed corporates, will generally far outweigh the costs of hiring by many multiples. In the majority of cases these costs will be less than that of recruiting and employing a personal assistant. 

How We Can Help You

Finding the right NED or Chairman can be challenging. Most companies, having reached the decision to engage a NED look for a strong and lengthy track record in their market sector, or in one which presents good opportunity for synergy and knowledge transfer into the company. 

We can help you locate and secure the right NED for your current business situation. Contact us today to find out how.

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