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Executive Impact helps ensure new hires hit the ground running through it's unique 90 day executive coaching programme. By supporting candidates as soon as they start a new role, Executive Impact matches the objectives of the client and the candidate to make the historical performance of the candidate become a reailty within a new business environment.

As an onboarding coach, Laurent has aquired in-depth experience from working for major blue chips for 25 years in their commercial, marketing and sales functions. This gives him a unique coaching style which is both supportive and challenging, helping senior leaders to explore concepts and ideas  whilst creating a new strategic plan or unlocking creative thinking.

Laurent has coached for over 10 years and has a style that energises and quickly identifies what needs to change. 

To find out more about how Laurent can help you reach the next stage of your career, get in touch with us using the form on our contact us page.

Recent Work

Coaching a Head of Distribution for a major Telco. Working with the Head of Vendor Management for a major online retailer. Coaching and mentoring a Head of Sales and Marketing for a large multi national airline.

Executive-Impact™ Overview


Avoid Your New Hire Experiencing The 90 Day Dip

The 90 day dip is a phenomenon that occurs when a newly placed candidate loses motivation over the first 90 days of a new role. Once the honeymoon period wears off, the reality of what the job requires starts to set in and often leads to a fall in motivation and performance.

90 day dip.png

To avoid this, our onboarding coaches are able to increase the performance of your new hires by:

  • Coaching to prevent the 90 day dip
  • Ensuring client and candidate objectives are aligned
  • Converting the potential the candidate was brought in on

This helps clients to generate a faster return on their new hire when compared to an onboarding process that does not have executive coaching and mentoring.

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